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Friday, June 10, 2005


Yurp! Prague

So first stop on the whirlwind tour was Prague. Quite a place. Although one of the things we missed that I wanted to see was the museum of Communism, one of the first things we did see was the balcony from which Havel addressed the crowd at the time of the Velvet Revolution...just 16 short years ago.

The balcony from which Havel addressed the crowd during the Velvet Revolution

Prague is old and beautifully preserved. it's also a really cool place to hang out for a few days and we could have stayed longer. Plus the beer is good, leading to getting lost on the way back to the hotel several times, although Amanda thought it was the malevolent fault of this tower

Amanda thought this tower was "evil"

The most famous thing in Prague in the main square is this old weird astronomical clock. It looks good but it's not quite so impressive when it rings as the horde of tourists looking at it would hope.

The Astronomical Clock

What is impressive is the trek up the hill to the Monastery above the Castle, including the beautiful library there.

Library at Monastery

And also the stained glass windows in St Vitus Cathederal, although the one I liked the best wasn't the famous one.

Not too famous stained glass

Other cool things in Prague include crossing the river on the Charles Bridge, which must come near to collapsing under the weight of tourists.

The King Charles Bridge

We also enjoyed hanging out at the Castle (a window from which is from where the Prots "defenstrated" the Catholics starting the 30 Years War). If you go to the whole photo set you can see Amanda imitating a catholic nobleman by trying to leave via the window. You'll also see the crossbow target that between us we blitzed to pieces!

Matthew and Amanda oversee Prague

Other cool areas are the former Jewish Ghetto, which was the most vibrant in Europe before the Holocaust, and had a very funky graveyard--all the bodies kept on being buried on top of each other.

The Jewish Cemetry

Also quite cool was the Lennon Wall, where every night after his death Lennon-inspired graffitti emerged until finally the Communists were no longer around to wipe it off.

Lennon Wall

But mostly Prague was about stumbling about town trying not to be enticed into the lapdancing clubs, eating sausages and accompanying them with many litres of Pilsner. Some of which we took on the train to Berlin and one or two of which might have inspired this photo. Many more photos of Prague are here.

Digital photo by Turner
posted by matthew  # 5:23 PM
I appreciate your information on stained glass. I just bookmarked your site and will be back regulalry to keep on top of it. Please check out my blog on stained glass exposed - I'd really appreciate it
Haven’t heard from you in a while, so just checking you are still alive…
How is the lovely Amanda and her perfectly behaved dog? When are you coming back over to give Ross some further training? It is funny, but since your last training session his behaviour appears to have deteriorated…

Hello Matthew – For some reason Dordy thinks Ross is a bad dog (could be something to do with the biting, chasing cars , and eating advent calendars, whilst you go out to the pub), but he’s just misunderstood! Just like, me! BTW, following our recent holiday in Ecosse, I’ve decided that the men will be wearing the traditional ‘Forbes’ tartan kilt on the wedding day – hope that’s OK with you? Your Dad is particularly keen to wear the sporen!

When are you coming over here to take me away from these losers?

Matthew who – and if it’s not breakfast time, I’m not bloody interested

Ciao Bello

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